Thursday, July 22, 2010


My daughters, Rebekah, Jessica, Sarah 

Magnificent is the voice of one man, that begins the spark, that sets love into motion.

Life goes on.......I am glad to be alive today. E-

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

What is it worth?

I will not be tortured for something that is not worth
more then the torture itself.

Life goes on....even after war. E-

A Passion For Life...

Remembering the sweetness of a crisp morning,
Allowing the sunshine through the clouds,
Letting the wind drive the sails of yesterday,
Embracing the glory of a full moon,
Capturing each moment as if it is a new beginning,
A passion for life.

Life goes on......a passion for life. E-

Out Of My League..

In a near by secret garden,
Rising above the ivy wall,
Strolling by the magical water lilies,
Turning around, there he stood
Walking with utmost confidence,
Amazingly beautiful, inspiring me,
Not realizing I had taken notice.
He is the sun, I am the moon,
A fool to ever believe,
He is out of my league.

Life goes on..........never give up and never think less of yourself. My oldest daughter found an amazing man and they got married in May 2010. E-

Forever To Be With You..

Every moment I have,
Composition of a constellation.

Every move I make,
Acknowledging my past dreams.

Every memory I think,
Longing for an infinite image.

Every mountain I climb,
I want forever to be with you.

Life Goes On.....even when you haven't found what your looking for. E-

Monday, July 12, 2010

No Place To Run

The cover of darkness had arrived
Upon our encampment,
Amongst the shanty structures,
Came an echo of a piercing siren,
We gracefully arose from our mildewed bunks,
Hoping for the best,
No place to run.

In the distance came,
A faint light from a truck's headlight,
Our eyes looked upon each other,
A shot came from behind the truck,
From the shadows, a figure laid
Another day behind a barbwire fence,
No place to run.

Life Goes On........I wrote this in memory of the brave prisoners in the Nazi (Germany) 'Work camps for forced labor, 'Workers' Education camps', 'Concentration camps' (Nazis established 15,000 camps), 'Forced Labor' camps (12 million forced laborers). Today you will still find labor camps in People's Republic of China, North Korea and possibly in other countries.
*Here is a site, U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum: