Sunday, December 5, 2010

Christmas Glamor

Season of gifts,
Season of giving,
Season of glitter,
A season without glamor,
Is a season without Christmas!

Life Goes On.......Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! E-

Monday, November 8, 2010


Beware. What you do to your body today, you will not see the effects of it until ten years from now.

Life Goes a process in which everything has a purpose and a place to evolve into eternity. -E

An example...

If a teenager hears his or her parent or step-parent lie as a 'virtue', they will incorporate it eventually into their way of life.

Life Goes truthful for it will lead you to a healthy life. -E

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Flames of your Heart

In the secret part of your heart, stoke the flames that will carry your dreams to reality.

Life goes on .......


Non-thing is never gained, without losing something first.

Life goes on.....

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Season of Autumn

Red, Orange, Yellow and Gold,
These are the colors of Autumn.

Rain, Mist, Frost, and Overcast,
This is the temperature of Autumn.

Ripest plums, pumpkins, acorn squash, and potatoes,
They are the flavors of Autumn.

But the most important thing of Autumn
Is kicking up fallen leaves,
All the while the wind blows beneath!

Life Goes On......when the days get shorter and the voice of the wind comes calling.  E-

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Frivolous Thinking...

I may never climb K2 (second largest mountain in the world) only a few hundred reached the summit. But I will master my thoughts against the perils of frivolous thinking.

Life Goes On......E.


Hike up to Wallace Lake, Washington August 14, 2010 

Liberate me form myself,
Loosen the ties of frustration,
Release an ever ending bondage,
Existing in the far corners,
Of my motionless mind.

Life Goes On.......never allow the ever day frustrations get you down. E-

Monday, August 9, 2010


The mist from the waterfall cooled my body, but gave my spirit a refreshing look on life.....

August 1, 2010 on the way up to Lake Serene, Washington (U.S.A.)          

Life Goes On......even when things are 'misty and gray' all year round. E-

Sunday, August 8, 2010


Excepting things that will never change,
Realizing that the only thing that gives pain,
Is the world that never changes....
Lake Ann Trail, Washington State U.S.A 8-7-10

Life Goes On.......most people want good things to happen, but a few don't . E-


Remember the most important thing about living, is how we process our thinking, and not how we are collecting our possessions.

Life goes the beauty of alpine flora. E-

Monday, August 2, 2010

Lake Serene, Washington U.S.A.

On August 1, 2010,  I hiked to Lake Serene, Washington. What a joyful day that was...the refreshing water and air!

Life goes on....even in high elevation you will be comforted. E-

Alpine Lake

Rising above the majestic clouds,
A bed of lush green ferns
Give cover to the smallest of creatures,
But lurking amongst the evergreens,
Black bears roam free,
As the elevation rises,
Climbing over rocks,
Laying before your eyes,
Appearance of a glacial lake.

Life Goes On......even in the wilderness.  E-

Thursday, July 22, 2010


My daughters, Rebekah, Jessica, Sarah 

Magnificent is the voice of one man, that begins the spark, that sets love into motion.

Life goes on.......I am glad to be alive today. E-

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

What is it worth?

I will not be tortured for something that is not worth
more then the torture itself.

Life goes on....even after war. E-

A Passion For Life...

Remembering the sweetness of a crisp morning,
Allowing the sunshine through the clouds,
Letting the wind drive the sails of yesterday,
Embracing the glory of a full moon,
Capturing each moment as if it is a new beginning,
A passion for life.

Life goes on......a passion for life. E-

Out Of My League..

In a near by secret garden,
Rising above the ivy wall,
Strolling by the magical water lilies,
Turning around, there he stood
Walking with utmost confidence,
Amazingly beautiful, inspiring me,
Not realizing I had taken notice.
He is the sun, I am the moon,
A fool to ever believe,
He is out of my league.

Life goes on..........never give up and never think less of yourself. My oldest daughter found an amazing man and they got married in May 2010. E-

Forever To Be With You..

Every moment I have,
Composition of a constellation.

Every move I make,
Acknowledging my past dreams.

Every memory I think,
Longing for an infinite image.

Every mountain I climb,
I want forever to be with you.

Life Goes On.....even when you haven't found what your looking for. E-

Monday, July 12, 2010

No Place To Run

The cover of darkness had arrived
Upon our encampment,
Amongst the shanty structures,
Came an echo of a piercing siren,
We gracefully arose from our mildewed bunks,
Hoping for the best,
No place to run.

In the distance came,
A faint light from a truck's headlight,
Our eyes looked upon each other,
A shot came from behind the truck,
From the shadows, a figure laid
Another day behind a barbwire fence,
No place to run.

Life Goes On........I wrote this in memory of the brave prisoners in the Nazi (Germany) 'Work camps for forced labor, 'Workers' Education camps', 'Concentration camps' (Nazis established 15,000 camps), 'Forced Labor' camps (12 million forced laborers). Today you will still find labor camps in People's Republic of China, North Korea and possibly in other countries.
*Here is a site, U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum:

Monday, May 24, 2010


Doing something religiously over and over, always seems to effect one thing, the stifling of your brains capacity to think. Tomorrow do things differently and you will be happy. E-

Life goes on......

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Celebrate Spring at a Seattle Event

Book Signing Event
Seattle, WA
United States

Inner Chapters Bookstore and Cafe
419 Fairview Ave North
Seattle, WA 98109

Saturday, March 27,2010
Noon till 3 o'clock pm

I will be doing an "author appearance" and book signing. Spring has arrived faithfully and I am getting a great start on supporting my favorite local bookstore. Come join me for a wonderful cup of coffee or tea, in this amazing bookstore that carries all sorts of new and used books. Hope to see you there!

Life goes on,
Spring is here to be celebrated........Best wishes, E

Sunday, February 28, 2010


Yet another day has gone,
Another month has begun,
I told my thoughts last evening,
Never to do wrong with his feelings,
But wondered into truth of mine.

Life goes on....

I told my thoughts last evening. E-

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Wind......

A northern wind brings snow,
A southern wind brings rain,
A eastern wind brings fog,
A western wind brings dust,
Another day the wind stops,
All the silent spirits sing.

Life goes on.....

Let the wind blow for now. E-

Monday, February 15, 2010

First Day Born.......

From the first day born,
I new no wrong,
Until I came upon a storm,

A storm of lies,
A storm of distrust,
A storm of favoritism,
A storm of injustice.

From the first day born,
I new no wrong,
Until I came upon a storm.

A storm of no mercy,
A storm of poverty,
A storm of starvation,
A storm of greed.

From the first day born,
I new no wrong,
Until I came upon a storm.

A storm of alcoholism,
A storm of street drugs,
A storm of prescription drugs,.
A storm of rehabs.

From the first day born,
I new no wrong,
Until I came upon a storm.

Life goes on....

From the first day born.  E

Quest For Success.......

Never before have I gone to far,
Upon this rotating earth,
The quest for success,
Even up against a stone wall,
Pressing forward all at once,
Never before have I gone to far...

Life goes on,

Even in the quest for success. E-

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

My Heart and Head.......

"My tears were caught in my throat,
I finally excepted the reality,
They would never return to me.

My heart and head have become one,
Many years of distant miles lay between,
Have become the final destiny.

Discussed by one sided views,
Being falsely accused,
Now I'm done with all games,

Done, done, I am,
Disappointed by my own sorrow,
For my tears were caught up in my throat."

Life goes on,

My Heart and Head will be as one. E-

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Man lives consciously.....

Man lives consciously for himself, but is an unconscious instrument in the attainment of the historic, universal aims of humanity.
Leo Tolstoy (1828-1910)

Life goes on.....

Man lives consciously. E-

Capture the moment.....

"Capture the moment....Never let go of what you need, but what you want."

Life goes on...

Capture that moment. E-


"Treasures are found only within,
A large framework of patience,
Relying on internal forgiveness,
All around the force of honesty,
Timely treasures are found within."

Life goes on....

Forever treasures are found only within. E-

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Blinded by Colors.......

I am blinded by the color,
Orange that is found in the canyons of Utah,
Gray that is from the sage brush of eastern Oregon,
Baby blue skies of western Montana,
Cotton white clouds over a summers day in Ohio,
Yellow sunflower fields in Italy,
Lavender swaying in the breeze of France,
I am blinded yet inside,
Always forgiving yet another day.

Life goes on,

I am blind to the reality that good, bad, and ugly will always be apart of this world. E-

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Fire Will Be Released......

"The fire will be released,
Against an imprisoned soul,
Wicked depths of despair,
Conquest of Equality,
To produce a mark,
The endurable forbearance,
Fear in the enemies sword,
Seeking the Liberty of truth,
Having not contentment,
Never reveling the fire within."

Life goes on....

Amongst the flames of truth. E-

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Tick-Talk Goes the Clock...........

"Tick-Talk goes the clock,
Clinging against a narrow tower,
I will rise and shine,
So shall the day
Pass away with time."

Life goes on....

Never take for granted
the time of day. E-


"On a Rainy day,
Staying inside,
Wishing, hoping,
It will go away.

On a Rainy day,
Wanting to go outside,
Wishing, hoping,
It will go away.

On a Rainy day,
Don't be doubtful,
Wishing, hoping
Rain will never pass away."

Life goes on....

Rain is a blessing which gives life to every living thing. E-

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Everlasting Garden...........

"Amongst the fragrant blooms,
Swaying branches give way,
A peace in the moment,
Grazing all around,
To the vibrant colors that abound,
A ray of light gleaming down,
Through the lurking shadows,
Upon a bench I rest,
In the everlasting garden,
Beneath my soul."

Life goes on.....

In the everlasting garden. E-

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A Faint Voice.........

"No body, No place, No where
Silently against my window pain,
A north wind drizzled rain,
Ringing of my cell,
A faint voice came,
My baby was taken away!
The door is locked,
All inside,
Officers are coming!
Quickly packing,
No body, No place, No where."

Life goes on.....

my youngest daughter and her baby are now safe. My Lord has been good to me! E-

Saturday, January 9, 2010


"Finding the time to balance ones life,
Confronting conflicts religiously,
Allowing manipulations along the way,
Drifting into frustrations that never part,
All in the matter of,
Finding the time to balance ones life."

Life goes on.....

Finding the time to balance ones life. E-

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Morning Fog........

"The morning fog gets in front of the sunrise, but it always goes behind the sunset."

Life goes on....

The morning fog shouldn't take away your sunshine. E-

Go Around.....

"Remember if there is a wall before you, just go around it."

Life goes on....

Go around anything that seems to prevent you from succeeding. E-

Monday, January 4, 2010

The Mountain......

"Someday I will go swimming,
In the coral sea,
For now I will climb,
The mountain that is near me."

Life goes on...

The mountain will be climbed. E-

Phantom of the night.....

"At the hour of midnight,
With a cloak of darkness upon my room,
The door opened,
Slowly in came a presence,
Silently it came forward,
Creeping low to the floor,
I leaned forward,
Closer I looked.
Oh! my goodness,
A phantom of the night,
No! my black cat."

Life goes on....

Even for a "phantom" cat! E-

A Kind Heart.......

"Entering a fortress,
Made of earth and water,
Rises an emblem,
In the center,
A kind heart."

Life goes on.....

A kind heart is never forgotten. E-