Monday, July 12, 2010

No Place To Run

The cover of darkness had arrived
Upon our encampment,
Amongst the shanty structures,
Came an echo of a piercing siren,
We gracefully arose from our mildewed bunks,
Hoping for the best,
No place to run.

In the distance came,
A faint light from a truck's headlight,
Our eyes looked upon each other,
A shot came from behind the truck,
From the shadows, a figure laid
Another day behind a barbwire fence,
No place to run.

Life Goes On........I wrote this in memory of the brave prisoners in the Nazi (Germany) 'Work camps for forced labor, 'Workers' Education camps', 'Concentration camps' (Nazis established 15,000 camps), 'Forced Labor' camps (12 million forced laborers). Today you will still find labor camps in People's Republic of China, North Korea and possibly in other countries.
*Here is a site, U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum:

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