Saturday, January 9, 2010


"Finding the time to balance ones life,
Confronting conflicts religiously,
Allowing manipulations along the way,
Drifting into frustrations that never part,
All in the matter of,
Finding the time to balance ones life."

Life goes on.....

Finding the time to balance ones life. E-


  1. I love this--your words along with the vibrancy of the flowers! I struggle with balance so I identify.

  2. Nice. Very nice. You must be a keen gardener or were you just visiting? In some of the more picturesque areas of London they have baskets hanging from the light poles that line the streets filled with pansies. With the cold weather at the moment they are all looking a little sad but with summer aproaching I'm sure they will revive beautifuly. Both sides of the street, very balanced. God bless you. Geoff.

  3. Lovely photos and wonderful poem! Thanks for sharing it on your blog.

  4. I hope you continue blogging for a long time to come. I am always enlightened when I come to visit.