Friday, January 1, 2010

Amongst tides I swim against......

"Amongst tides I swim against,
Holding onto this feeling,
No way is it reality,
My mind is drifting,
Into a sphere of no reality,
Amongst tides I swim against."

Life goes on...

Amongst tides I swim against.....E-


  1. Great poem and a unique photo. Appreciated you sharing this on your blog.

  2. The photo draws you in and is a beautiful compliment to your poem.

  3. Beautiful! Thank you.
    I hope you don´t mind me showing your blogtitle in mine?
    "I en annan del av världen" is Swedish and means: "In another part of the world".
    Best regards and just focus:)

  4. Hi. E. I realy like your photograph, I've no idea where you took this amazing shot but I can sort of see what it's about. Well done.
    Sometimes the tides do feel a little like a whirlpool don't they? Reach out and grab onto the rock. You know what I mean, nice poem.

  5. Thank you for your kind words. This is a gravitating photo and thoughtful poem.

  6. The photo makes a lot the idea of that that you have written many compliments.