Sunday, December 20, 2009

Casper, Marley & Jake........

Meet some of my best friends-Casper,Marley,and Jake. They have been pretty good this year...except when Marley stayed home to long. He tore up most of the wooden blinds in the house. Casper loves to jump, and stick his claws into my back while I am having my morning coffee, and once Jake was left home alone, he ate my antique book, that was given to me by a dear friend.

So here you have it, my best friends truly love me, and the things that I have.......

Life goes on.....

Best wishes to my friends-Casper, Marley and Jake.....they are a blessing. E-

(#1 photo, Marley, #2 photo, Marley, Jake & Me, #3 photo, Jake, #4 photo, Casper)


  1. Got to love your friends...especially "Casper"!

  2. Your animals are so well looked after it is obvious how much you love them. Elizabeth walks through life with her friends.