Thursday, December 31, 2009

Chicago Winter 2009......

It was a day after Christmas when I visited Chicago this year. The temperature was just around twenty-four degrees, and the wind made it feel like a minus four degrees. I have never been to Chicago before. I enjoyed all the unique architecture and wonderful Christmas decor, and the Chicago pizza is the best. It was a very interesting place to say the least......

Life goes on...

In the grand city of Chicago, with it's high rise buildings, fancy architecture, wonderful museums and the massive body of water that lies next to it's perimeter... you must enjoy the temperamental weather! E-


  1. Very frosty and pretty. I think all the people must have gone to London for the holidays,Ha HA.

  2. Loved your photos of Chicago! Hope you have a magnificent New Years! Keep doing photography! (Also looking forward to your book number two.)