Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Winter Fun.....

One sunny day my daughter and I set out to have some fun. Winter is where fun can begin. This day was a perfect day to go snowboarding (as a family) on Stevens Pass. I am just "OK" on a board, but I will stick to cross-country skiing and snowshoeing from now on (which I started to do last year). About snowboarding...I "shredded" Willamette Pass (Oregon) six times in one day and never really could control my board, (almost wiped out everyone around me) I lost control and this was the end of my experience with snowboarding. Nevertheless, Bekah and I enjoyed ourselves last year on Stevens Pass.......

Life goes on..

In winter fun....when the snow is over six feet deep, the wind is against your face and the sun is on your back...let the speed of the board take you sailing down a white mountain. E-

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  1. Enjoyed your photos of Stevens Pass in the winter time. Looks like fun! Good luck to you and your daughter. Let it snow!