Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Don't expect...Just inspect.....

I just launched a small business, which I call it a glorified hobby. I love making different kinds of Pumpkin Breads. For me it is pleasure, and yet at the same time I am encouraging others to eat nutritiously. My actual web site will be up soon...hopefully by next week. I have a Book Signing Event with my Pumpkin Bread Company on December 19. I will not only sale my nutritious Pumpkin Bread, but when people buy my first book, I will sign it for them.

Life goes on....

Don't expect. Just inspect. Thanks for taking the time to visit...Best to you, E-


  1. I'm realy intrigued. I have never even heard of pumkin bread. Pitty I live so far away or you could send me a slice. Have a great time at your book signing. I look forward to your website.

  2. Your Pumpkin Bread is great! I also have enjoyed you book, I can't wait till book two. I laughed and cried at the same time. Good Luck!

  3. Hello Elizabeth. I have a feeling that any bread sent from America to South Africa would loose it's freshness by the time it arrived. Ha, Ha. Thanks for the offer though. When Your website is up and running I will buy one of your books and make use of your recepies.
    God bless you and you bave a great Christmas too.