Friday, December 18, 2009

Climb Every Mountain..........

There are vast ranges of Mountains all over this world, and yet some have not been climbed. Whether it be small or large, mountains are suppose to be explored. The joy is overwhelming when you get to the top and just think people would never have to worry about their weight.....and the doctors would go out of business, along with the drug representatives.

Life goes on....

Climb every mountain.....even if it is small. E-


  1. I´m climbing. One step at a time...
    And I wish you a nice Christmas with lots of peace and joy.

    Regards from "The Worrier of Light", Sweden

  2. Hi Elizabeth. Thanks for joining me at Secret Poems.

  3. Great message, I love the Mountains myself. The photo's are wonderful...I want to go climb!

  4. AH. The joy of the challenge. Beautiful landscape, looks chilly though. We don't have to climb every mountain, sometimes God lets us walk along the base in order to show us just how big he is. When you are far away from a mountain it seems small and insgnificant but when you are right up against it you realize just how significant it realy is and how small you are. Life is humbling.