Sunday, December 20, 2009

Not Forgotten Souls............

The locals call this place "the Ruins". The Hill Ward site has a burial yard which contains thirty-two hundred graves only marked by numbers. "If you died here, you disappeared". Today some of the numbered graves have new granite stones with actual names on them. The Hill Ward also known as the "White House" was "a men dormitory for farm workers. Over 300 male patients worked in orchards, fields and with livestock. There was no central heating. Many visitors believe this place is haunted". Some friends and I had an opportunity to go visit this old insane asylum ruins several months ago. As I walked through the property, I thought of what I read that was done unlawfully to these patients as they lived in this ward and worked on the farm. I am grateful that now the "numbered" graves have a name......souls are never forgotten.

Life goes on....

the numbered graves are not forgotten souls.....this was a place people were put because the "society" thought they were "crazy". A soul is never forgotten. E-


  1. This "Hill Ward" place sounds interesting. Glad the graves are getting "names". I can't imagine the things that went unnoticed in the old insane asylums in America.....

  2. Even Jesus was thought to be insane and now look, more people have come to know him in a way that is far more intimate than we know ourselves. Does that mean we are insane too?
    God will never forget anyone even if we do. Your interest in people is commendable. You go to such interesting places. Elizabeth goes on with life.